Online banking system


If you are a bank customer, you always want to choose a bank that offers you access to banking services in the most convenient way possible. These services may range from using the ATM, foreign transfer services, instant alerts and use of electronic banking systems. And if you are a bank, you’d definitely want to choose a banking software that allows you to meet and surpass your customers’ needs, plus convenience expectations, at the highest degree possible.

Standfore banking software is specifically made by his Parental Company – a software development and consulting company – to give banks and its customers, banking service convenience straight from their mobile phones or laptops. The banking software has been licensed to over 20 top banks across USA, Russia and Europe markets since the year 2000. Proving that the digital banking solution expertise offered through using the software is legit and effective.


The banking software is designed and engineered by a highly organized team of experts that puts much focus on strengthening the utility and security systems of the software. The designers and engineer major in the UI/UX designs of the software, and the team seeks to structure it in a way that delivers ease in accessing the aforementioned benefits a bank customer may desire while conducting his/her banking services. It’s tailor made to the utmost utility standards in the market with a continuous timely upgrading, since the technology landscape is ever changing and fast paced.

The software also largely exhibits modern e-banking strengths and technological excellence. Standfore software allows for moderate customization to both the bank and the customer while monitoring its functionality and its ease in use respectively.


Quilix, the makers of the Standfore software, provide the following services in relation to development and effective use of the software. They offer;- Development: this is where, through the results garnered from their consultation, they are able to establish which software and its specs would be most ideal for the nature of the business in question.- Implementation: upon creation of the Standfore software, well customized to the requirements of the business, it is then implemented for use.- Review: the software is monitored closely and often reviewed with suggestion on improvement and understudy for better analysis.- QA services: where needs of outsourcing and staffing arise, Qulix offers this service to meet the need.

Qulix through the Standfore banking software captures the following service offering;- Retail digital banking- Corporate digital banking- And, solving front-office duties through some of the program features.

The beauty of it all is the fact that, with the Standfore banking software, there is room for customization to meet the specific users need for B2B (business to business), C2C (customer to customer) and (business to customer) B2C transactions. The software has been used, developed and modified over the years and with every upgrade, new features have been introduced making it more secure and more user friendly.

Some of the banks that are currently using the banking software include the following and not limiting to; SBERBANK, VTB, BNP PARIBAS, URALSIL BANK, TRANS CAPITAL BANK and SOCIETE GENERALE.


Adding some fun and entertaining elements to your rather serious website are games, which can be online or can be downloaded. Many web publishers and companies have resorted to enhance game development as part of an overall effort to increase and retain traffic to their websites. If your website can provide some entertainment for its visitors, they surely feel like returning to your site again. Games provide this opportunity. They are also used as a different and an effective form of brand promotion.

Games are increasingly used by various websites including corporate, educational, or entertainment. There are also sites exclusively offering games for playing and downloading. Even such sites are doing very good business. But one common thread running through all these companies is the technology to design and develop the games. flash has become the first choice for many game developers due to its abilities to provide rich graphics, and add audio and video elements. A game comprises a basic flash movie, video clips, sound clips, code, additional flash movies, and graphics. Game development is all about packaging all these components into one single file. Of all these components the most important is the graphics. A company game developer relies on flash technology to create rich and compelling graphics.

Another important aspect of video games development is creativity. A video game developer need to have out-of-the-box ideas apart from technical skills to develop innovative and engaging games. Developing a small game as a part of company branding exercise is not so difficult. But developing a dynamic, multifaceted and intricate video game requires some thinking and planning to carry out the project. Designing a game character or characters, the ability of the character and the entire gameplay takes time and some brainstorming sessions. A video game should have levels and modes such as easy or beginner and difficult or expert. Sometimes video games are designed too easy that player lost interest once they master it. At the same time, difficult which are too difficult to play cannot sustain players’ interest for long. A good video game developer always maintains a balance between these extremes.

zgames not only do video Game Development and iPad Game Development but also provide you better knowledge of what and what not is best for your game development ideas and also for the devices and market you target for your games. So, we consider checking new devices and providing you info on them a very serious task, so that you can take total advantage of the same. New videos has more resolution then any Full HD device, but right now in the industry producing Full HD video for any game or trailers are already draining resources to the maximum. And no company would be interested to create something more than Full HD, as all we know it would not be supported by other devices.

Hope this article will help you in understanding the video game development and also the latest technology we are surrounded with. We will continue to provide you best video Game Development services with converting your idea into reality and enabling it to be shared everywhere. So, my verdict is if you have some money to spend and time to use play games, you can go for these best video games.

SEO & The Internet

Seo Company in NYC

Since the emergence of the web some decades ago, geographical limitations especially in the business world has been overcome. Within just a moment, it is now possible to reach the whole world from the comfort of your home. If information dissemination can be so easy this way, think about what it would mean for many businesses. As you know, the success of any company is strongly tied to its customer base and one of the easiest ways to gain popularity is via the web. Many organisations are now exploring this medium to connect to a larger audience. If you are a business owner and still yet to go online, then you are probably not in the 21st century. However going online isn’t just enough because there are many companies that are online who also offer the same service or product like your company. So if you must reach your target audience and drive enough traffic to your business website, then you need search engine optimization(SEO) online marketing.

How SEO and can help your business
The more exposure your company has, the more your customer base increases. Consequently this will have a positive impact on your business revenue and will also enable you to continue operation. Unfortunately not many people realise this and that is why some businesses especially small start-ups don’t go far. Sometimes the reason why some online business fail has nothing to do with the services or goods that are being offered but lies in the inability to make your product known to the global market. So even when you have the best product or services, still you may likely not compete favourably with other companies in your domain. The best thing that can possibly happen to your online business is a good marketing solution. There are many of such agencies who can offer this service but not all of them can get your company the attention it needs. One of the best place to get professional help is with Search Engine Optimization New York City . Our company will help increase your customer base using

trusted tools which will not only drive traffic to your site but ensure that the traffic is converted into sales.

What SEO experts in New York can do for you
Being a result oriented company, we are never in lack of experts who are not only professional but absolutely dedicated to their course. In order to make your company stand out from the crowd, we will engineer a guaranteed marketing solution through search engine optimization after analyzing your prospective market. Some of the trusted techniques we have been using for over a decade now include – effective link generation to make your company’s website rank well on search engines like yahoo, Google and bing; content promotion through our blogs and social media optimization. What makes Search Engine Optimization New York stand out from other professional Internet marketing agencies is the adoption of an innovative approach in providing cost effective internet marketing solution. Get in touch with us today and you will always want to come back!!

Lock change

Locksmith San Diego

For today there are many reasons why people need the emergency locksmith service, which will help to break or open the lock. If it will be carried out by professional experts, accuracy is guaranteed. According to statistics, from damage it can be saved more than 60% of cases. Master of service makes every effort to open the door and not to cause damage to it. We often have to correct the work of neighbors, friends or other activist-assistants who had only made situation worse. Even if there is zip code, we would be happy to help and solve the problem. Our mobile company helps people as soon as it is possible.
Here is the typical list of reasons in which you may need help in opening the emergency lock:
Lost or corrupted key;
The door shut from the inside;
jammed the key into the lock (this is often the consequence of inadequate fixed door hinges rickety, warped box due to shrinkage at home or for other reasons);
Was an attempt to break?
Worn internal mechanism (usually in castles with a secret), and so on.
Opening of locks – quickly, efficiently, with minimum loss!
It is possible, of cause, to use the wizard from the utilities facilities. But for free you can get the problems that will force to buying a new door afterwards. So not to nerve, just choose the best variant from the very beginning by calling locksmith service.
The situation is worse when it comes to complex devices, which feature modern reliable locks. There are situations where drill them is not easy. Our company employs specially trained specialists who know the approach to every lock, which allows preserving the integrity of the door leaf, and in many cases leave unharmed, and the lock itself! Big practice helps to shorten the time of work to the maximum.
The secret of success lies in the techniques and work methods of opening locks. Safe and effective methods allow equally well to open the imported and domestic mechanisms, combination locks, safes, mechanical, lever and cylinder.
We value every customer, so in the state of our people work staff who quickly and competently can solve the most complex tasks. Every order is important to us because we value your opinion and reputation.
In the event of an emergency, the master can go for hours to come much faster than the mechanic of the dispensation. We provide our service in the country, so you just need to call us. You can know about the hot line, how long will it take for the specialist to go to your locality. Our prices can easily surprise you.

Qulix Systems – at the forefront of the Internet of Things (IoT)

With continuing advances in both hardware and software systems, the Internet of Things (IoT)  has become a truly integrated part of everyday life – it is no longer just a theoretical system of interconnected devices and platforms, but a truly global system that serves our homes, our workplaces, and our places of leisure.

IoT is a broad term that refers to the network of physical devices connected through the internet, which allow these individual devices to collect and exchange data. It is permeated nearly all industries and includes both personal and commercial uses. An example is internet-enabled refrigerators, which not only allows users to access the internet from a screen on the fridge door, but also contains sensors to determine what food items are stored inside, and allow it alert homeowners when items need to be replaced.

Qulix Systems is one of the firms at the forefront of this movement. It is a global IT & Consulting company providing solution-oriented approach and custom software development to its clients across multiple business domains. Headquartered in the UK but with 2 other offices in Belarus and Russia, and 1 in the US, Qulix Systems serves customers across the world and in a variety of industries. Companies from industries as diverse as banking and telecommunications, to health care and retail, work with Qulix Systems to develop high-end software products that allow these companies to provide their customers with a seamless digital user experience.

Qulix Systems helps their clients enhance their IoT capabilities with a range of services that are a mix of both software development and consulting services. An all-encompassing range of software development services are provided, including the design and development of IT systems, custom software and mobile application development, and the development of UI/UX, B2C targeted GUI concepts and interfaces. Consulting services provided include technology consulting and implementation roadmaps, industry consulting with an eye on tech solutions, and QA consulting.
A consulting firm is only as good as the results their projects achieve, and the successes of Qulix Systems are numerous. One such example is a project with WayFinder Systems AB, a subsidiary of Vodafone which specializes in mobile navigation systems. WayFinder needed a dedicated team of develops to create a GPS route-guidance solution to be run on the end-user’s device and to provide location-based services. Qulix was able to develop a solution that not only met the initial requirements, but included capabilities that far exceeded the client’s expectations. The new navigation software provided guidance in 18 languages, and incorporated Smart navigation , an intuitive interface, compatibility across devices, as well as tools to access the internet. It integrated with local yellow and white pages, with over 20 million points of interest, and safety camera location and warnings.

Custom software firm

custom software development

HQSoftware is a custom software development firm that offers people from all over the world full-cycle on-demand custom web development services. The company has been in operation for more than 15 years and works with a team of over 50 highly qualified engineers well experienced in PHP and .Net to provide its clients with all the services they require for developing their business. HQSoftware%d1%81%d0%bd%d0%b8%d0%bc%d0%be%d0%ba-%d1%8d%d0%ba%d1%80%d0%b0%d0%bd%d0%b0-2016-12-13-%d0%b2-1-21-15

Internet of things software development was founded in 2001 when a group of various technological enthusiasts got together with the aim of creating software that is specifically tailored to meet their clients’ requirements based the needs of the real-world.

Services Offered by HQSoftware.

– Prototyping and technology consulting.
– IoT application development, a service that is well above low-level programming.
– Re-engineering of software, maintenance, and migration for better performance and more functionality.
– Full-cycle custom software development for desktop, mobile and web applications.
– Solutions that are based on platforms which include e-learning solutions such as ERP, EPM, CRM, e-commerce, and business intelligence.
– Qualified staff to help develop a product from the beginning or extend your in-house development team.


How HQSoftware Delivers its Services to Clients.

HQSoftware works tirelessly to bring together established project management and the understanding of enterprise customers in order to build industry tailored software with the capability of having long lasting returns on investment. Whether you have an idea that is well defined or a fresh one that needs more research and consultation, the staff at HQSoftware will ensure that you unlock every aspect of your business giving more value for you and your customers.
Clients at HQSofware will also be provided with the option of choosing time and management, fixed price, or how the dedicated teams are arranged depending on the specifics of the project. The company’s team is also capable of adjusting to all time zones worldwide so as to quickly address the feedback from your stakeholders by keeping in touch continuously. The company also applies various techniques that leave enough room for agility giving you better control of how you deliver products to your customers. Their services are also delivered well and within the time and budget required through careful design and estimation without compromising on the quality.

Past Experiences and Related Organizations.outsourcing company

HQSofware works with companies from all over the world and has a great deal of experience with leaders from various industries such as Information Technology, Healthcare, Entertainment, Printing, Banking and Finance, Marketing, E-Learning, Manufacturing, Real Estate, and E-Commerce. They have also worked with organizations that are known worldwide such as U.N., World Health Organization, Ford, Sega, BBC, Honda, along with many others. It has also partnered up with companies from various countries worldwide such as the United States of America, the Russian Federation, Australia, Norway and many others

Where is HQSoftware Located?

HQSoftware main headquarters is based in Tallinn, Estonia with software development firm lab in Minsk, Belarus making them very cost-effective when it comes to delivering custom web development services to clients. The company is in full compliance with EU laws and regulations and has an added bonus of x-USSR technical expertise.

24 hour locksmith

24 hour locksmith

Locksmith brooklyn

As a home or auto proprietor, you should constantly feel protected and secure, understanding that the person who is going to work for you is a talented capable.

Reliably, people transversely over America rely on upon our experts to wear down their locks. We, for the most part, use industry best practices and frameworks when giving the organization, paying little respect to the sort, make, or model of the lock that necessities altering.

Our experts are required to take fantastic thought to ensure that there won’t be any scratches, chipping, or engraves and that you won’t have to push over free edges or misalignments.

That is the reason we simply contract capable locksmith specialists who are exceedingly skilled and have exhibited working foundation. When we say quality work, we mean quality work.

We are extraordinary organization is about giving incredible quality, We are a great organization which persistently guaranteeing that our customer will be happy. It’s the way we portray worth and it’s the reason we are available each moment of consistently and why we, for the most part, work quickly to get to you when you require us!

When you utilize our organizations you are actually secured by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not content with the organization that was given by locksmith basically reach us inside 90 days to analyze a full rebate.

We have a proficient gathering of locksmiths accessible to return to work  24 hours locksmith brooklyn a day, 7 days for every week including night times, weekends and events. If there should arise an occurrence of an emergency, please call us and one of our master locksmiths will be dispatched right away to help you with your problem.Our Services are secured inconsistency with the bearings in your state.


We can answer any request concerning your auto, home, or business security. We moreover have the right sort of gear and systems to offer help you guarantee your advantages. We are set up to give you extraordinary courses of action for your specific needs and we work inside your money related arrangement to tailor a course of action, just for you. Besides, our customer organization is second to none! We are the known pioneer, putting us far before the restriction.

Moreover, we can help you with changing out your locks, re-scratching your home, presenting safes, opening your vehicle and making keys for your auto, home or business. We are the primary locksmith organization, you thought to call. We have helped a considerable number of clients in an extensive variety of circumstances. We will probably give quick and profitable organization to you, your family or business.

Fast Locksmith Brooklyn – key cutting

Locksmith Denver

Hire a Reliable Locksmith Service in Denver

Locksmith denver


Frequently we have accidently bolted out of our own home. This is an intense circumstance when a great many people alarm. An ideal approach to illuminate this issue is by taking the assistance of locksmiths. This is on the grounds that they are experts who have an extensive variety of unique instruments and in addition, gear to open entryways. The lock service suppliers, generally chip away at a 24-hour premise, so you can call them whenever of the day and they would contact you at the soonest. Besides, to be experts they will open the entryways in less time. Other than aiding amid lockouts, they likewise give different services like the substitution of lost keys, introduce or repair locks, and then some. Benefiting the service of the locksmiths is not as costly as it might appear as they charge ostensible expenses for their administrations. professional locksmith service in Denver is a prominent locksmith in Denver.

Our homes are the homestead peace and unwinding. It is a spot where we can act naturally and avoid the hustle clamor of the world. For the majority of us, when we complete working our fundamental center is to achieve home and unwind. Be that as it may, frequently it happens, we are unintentionally bolted out of our own home. This is a standout amongst the most upsetting circumstance, one can ever confront. A great many people tend to freeze as they get to be befuddled what to do in that very circumstance.

Along these lines, in the event that you stay in Denver, and you ever confront the same issue, the best arrangement is to call a locksmith. The primary explanation for this is these locksmiths have diverse sorts of extraordinary gear and devices to open your home without bringing any harm. The best thing about the professional locksmith service in Denver suppliers is that they work every minute of every day. At whatever point you call these administration suppliers, the locksmiths will achieve your home in the blink of an eye.

Numerous individuals feel that calling a locksmith will smolder an opening in their pocket. However, the case is not really, as they really don’t charge extravagant expenses. Aside from opening, the locksmiths likewise give different services like putting in new bolts, repair locks, open autos or cruisers, and that’s just the beginning.

Next time you bolted out of your own home or have lost your auto or cruiser keys, do profit the service of the locksmiths

Renton Locksmith

Renton locksmith company

Locksmith Renton

Imagine yourself driving in the hot summer day after a tedious day of work along Highway, and then suddenly you realize that the traffic is jammed up for miles; everything appears to be at a standstill. What’s going on? To find the answer you get out of your car but unfortunately you forget about the automatic lock feature of your car. In the blink of an eye the door of car slams shut, you are just standing there shocked, listening to the mocking sound of running engine and you are at loss as what to do. You don’t have any key replacement and the ones you have are there in the ignition. This is the exact moment where Locksmith Company Renton WA can prove to be your knight in shining armor. You release a sigh of relief because you have your cell phone with you and you know you can call for help.

Okay so maybe you are not in such a drastic and horrible situation. Maybe it is just another normal day for you at work. You are about to leave for home. You get to the parking area, reach for your keys in your pocket but your fingers find nothing. You look for them everywhere, in your pockets, in your backpack, but nothing. You think hard where they could be, but nothing. In panic, you immediately call a cab and finally go to home. The question is, what is it you are going to do? This is where you need a locksmith to unlock your car and Locksmith Renton provides you with locksmith 24/7 for your help.

No one can ever predict such situations, but if you are smart enough, you must know about locksmith companies beforehand so you know who to call in that emergency.

This company is for people who need assistance in:

· Changing out the locks

· Re-keying your home

· Installing safes

· Unlocking your vehicle and making keys for your car, home or business.

We offer the best services we can 24/7 just one call away. We provide you with above stated services. We are here to answer any question about your home, auto, or commercial security. We have right type of systems and hardware to assist
you protect your assets. We are here to give you unique solutions
for your all needs and we work within your budget to modify a plan,
just for you and every one who is out there to reach and to fulfill every ones need out there.